Thought Starters

Sometimes it is difficult to book a venue for the wedding on the same day as the reception centre. Or sometimes there is a huge amount of time between the two that keeps your guests wondering what to do while you’re having photos taken.

Here’s how one couple celebrated recently. We sat around a table in their back yard, with the chooks nearby and an esky with some liquid refreshments to enjoy after the signing. The 2 children of the husband to be were over 18 and acted as the witnesses and the wife to be who had a younger daughter made her a special part of the day too. And that was it. The 5 of them, plus me and the chooks. And then about 10 days later they had a big bash in the same location and announced to all and sundry that they were a married couple. It was just a lovely relaxed way of doing things.

They did it their way.

Then there was the 45 person marriage at a garden and reception in a hills garden. Super relaxed. And yet another with just 17 people present including the bride and groom in a pine forest winery down south and dinner afterwards around a big warm fire. Cosy as!

So you can do something like this, something more traditional or something like a Registry Office style wedding on the weekends (or any day of the week of course) wherever you like…..maybe even in your favourite coffee lounge mentioned earlier or somewhere similar without going overboard.

So if you want to bounce some thoughts around give me a call. I’m here to help.

Just make sure at least one of you is over 18, with evidence to confirm that.

That if you are “single again” you have documents to explain the circumstances.

It's your big day

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