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If you were to ask me to summarise my intentions as a Civil Marriage Celebrant that summary would be pretty well wrapped up in the first three words of the above e-mail address….our big day. Making it your big day is my mission.

Your day. Your way. With a bit of guidance from me.

You have anywhere from 18 months, to just one month before your wedding day to put all the necessary paperwork in place that the government of the day requires under the Marriage Act 1961. I am registered as a Civil Marriage Celebrant by the Attorney-General’s Department of the Australian Government to do just that. And of course, to also pronounce you as married.

My background has been in marketing and advertising as well as real estate sales and auctioneering, performing charity auctions and public speaking. My experience is there for you to take advantage of.

You can have confidence that I have the physical presence and ability to keep your guests informed on the day about the events before the ceremony commences. If yours is an outside wedding, just what will happen if there is some rain. If the bridal party is running late, exactly what is happening and why

Thank you for looking me up so far.

My name is Robert John on my Birth Certificate. Nothing else. I have no middle names. And though most people abbreviate the Robert to Rob, the names on the certificate are all-important, as all given names, whether you use them or not must be used in full on your marriage documents and during your legal vows. In my case, Rob would not do. Neither would a nick-name.

It’s for us to have a chat together and learn as much as we can about each other. Should our personalities click we can get down to tin tacks then and there and do the paperwork, or you can think things over in your own time.

We will no doubt discuss whether you have set a date for your big day yet, and if so where and when. I will need to sight your original birth certificates or passports with photographic identification before any paperwork can be commenced, so it’s a good thing for you to start the process now. You may not have been born in South Australia, or even Australia for that matter and you will need to know how to go about obtaining recognition.

Is this your first marriage?

If not, we need to discuss the circumstances such as any divorce, or the death of a prior spouse and set things in place to ensure that paperwork is in place too.

There can be other things to consider too.

People wishing to marry should both be over 18 years of age. If one is younger than that what actions must be taken? One party at least must be 18 years of age, neither can be under 16. That’s the law of this land of ours.

Are you both Australian citizens? Are your parents still alive? Your fathers’ names and your mothers’ maiden names? Do you have any children? These and a few more questions must be answered.

So let’s make a time for that first chat.

We can meet at your place, my place or perhaps somewhere totally independent. such as your favorite coffee lounge.

Your day. Your way.

I’d love to meet you and learn what you have in mind and then we can work together to ensure your wedding is the one that you, your family and your guests remember ahead of all others.

Do you have any special symbols you want incorporated, a favourite song or piece of music, a reading or a prayer? How conventional or ‘out there’ do you want your wedding to be?

My intention is to only preside over one wedding per day so I don’t have to rush off to another……and that means there are no panics if anyone arrives late, but you should bear in mind that lateness can put your guests on edge as they worry about where you are. Being just 5 minutes late can feel like an eternity to them.

Contact me in your way.

You don’t need to e-mail me unless you want to. You can remain anonymous for the time being.

Just give me a call and have an initial conversation.

In that way I don’t need to know who you are unless you want to tell me.

You can hear the tone of my voice and what I have to say, and if you like what you hear we can get together for that chat I mentioned earlier.

In a nutshell.

I can supply you with references such as those the Attorney-General’s Department has considered before appointing me as a Civil Marriage Celebrant but I really think the best reference you can have is when we meet, talk and see each other face to face.

Personal chemistry is so important and if it’s not “there” we can all move on.

Being my one wedding on the day, you are not sharing me with anyone else. That is extremely important for you to remember.

Exactly what you expect of me during our time together will determine what budget you will require and that will be put in writing for you.

Rob John
mobile: 0412 815577

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