It's Your Big Day

So you’re getting married. Congratulations!

When and where is your party?
What sort of celebrant do you want?

If you want a male who is 185cms tall (6’1” in the old language) with a voice that is nice and loud and can be heard almost from here to Timbuktu, I could be your man.

As with other things, we celebrants get booked well ahead and it would be my suggestion to check and chat and book and that’s one less thing you need to worry about.

So while you’re in front of your computer send me an e-mail and ask the “are you available” question.

If I am, we can have a coffee and if the chemistry is right between us let’s get your wedding party under way. My aim is to make your ceremony the best you and your guests have ever been to…..a really happy time for “two and all”.

On the following pages there are some thoughts on how other couples have celebrated their wedding and also some of the legal requirements you need to think about, you’re probably aware of them already but it’s just as well to go over them again.

Thanks for spending a bit of time reading this so far. I look forward to meeting you and having a chat.

While you are here send me a quick email to check if I am available for your special day or any questions you may have via this link:


Contact me in your way

You don’t need to e-mail me unless you want to. You can remain anonymous for the time being.

Just give me a call and have an initial conversation.

In that way I don’t need to know who you are unless you want to tell me.
You can hear the tone of my voice and what I have to say, and if you like what you hear we can get together for that chat I mentioned earlier

Other Services

Sometimes couples choose not to be married for a variety of reasons but would like to pledge their feelings for each other in front of their friends and family. In these instances a commitment ceremony can take place without any inference that it is a legal marriage ceremony.

Vow renewals, name days, and non-religious baptisms are also available.

In a nutshell

I really think the best reference you can have is when we meet, talk and see each other face to face. Personal chemistry is so important and if it’s not present we can all move on.

Being my one wedding on the day, you are not sharing me with anyone else. That is extremely important for you to remember.

Exactly what you expect of me during our time together will determine what budget you will require and that will be put in writing for you.

Contact me